Giddy with excitement

Oh happy day, joyous day. 

The fates have aligned and I have 2 completed deadline knits, I have new yarn to cast on and I have time on my hands - after the usual domestic bliss obviously.

Giddy with excitement I am fully intending to cast on All The Things and drink a lot of coffee.

First up is this fabulous skein from Countess Ablaze via The Classics Society which is destined to be something spectacular and shawl-like.

I also have new stripy sock yarn to cast on for a gift for a friend and I'm also contemplating casting on for a new sweater - I know - someone slap me. But 10 skeins of Blacker Yarns Illustrious DK have recently come into my possession and I'd love to make something spring-like and gorgeous to wear with jeans.

Right, putting the phone away now and settling in with the needles. If anyone want me I'll be right here - just bring fresh coffee in a couple of hours.