Any colour you like.... as long as it's grey

My husband is eminently knitworthy. He appreciates my knitting and is suitably careful with any knitted items that I care to knit for him. A recent tally of my current projects though revealed 3 items destined for him, all of which have stalled at various points. And after careful consideration I think I have pinned down the cause.

They are all grey!

Now, don't get me wrong. I love grey as much as the next person. In fact probably a little more than the average person but there is a limit. Especially when knitting something which is so much larger than I would usually knit for myself. DH is a tall, broad chap who likes his sweaters roomy. A 51" chest sweater in DK yarn is a heck of a lot of knitting whichever way you look at it. Add in the fact that it is plain grey stocking stitch with no pattern or means of entertainment and it's easy to see why I am easily distracted by other projects. 

The challenge is to prevent his WIPs from sinking to the bottom of the pile and by working on them, even a little bit, to prevent stagnation.

My current cunning plan is to keep the giant grey sweater in the fruit bowl on the kitchen counter. That way I can pick it up and plug away at it whilst attending to the usual domestic stuff of cooking and homework. The time when I would normally pick up my phone for a bit of mindless surfing I will now be adding a few more stitches to it. 

Nothing against the pattern itself of course. It is Rift by Jared Flood and it's a great pattern with a hint of ribbing detail at the sides and shoulders. It will be a great sweater tonwear - eventually.