Rainbows really do knit faster

There are times when you cast off a project so pretty and so happiness inducing that you just want to wave it triumphantly as you parade through the streets. If knitters were in charge this would be totally acceptable social behaviour by the way. Here in out semi rural market town it might well raise some (well plucked) eyebrows so I am parading it here instead.

This shawl started life as a sock yarn blank from The Wool Kitchen and to be truthful I really didn't enjoy the process of knitting with the kinky yarn straight from the blank. I am reliably informed that at a tighter sock tension this is less of an issue but for me, with a garter stitch shawl at a looser gauge I wasn't happy with the fabric. But a quick reskein and took care of that and it was well worth the extra time for the hours of simple knitting pleasure this yarn gave me.

And judging by the time it took me to knit this version of my Fuss Free Festival Shawl I can scientifically confirm that it is indeed true. Rainbow yarn knits up significantly faster than regular yarn. Something about racing to get to the next colour, particularly when you can see it keeping out enticingly from the handwound ball.

So there we have it. A pretty, one skein shawl which knits up at the speed of light. All we need are unicorns and we are pretty much covered.