Getting my ducks in a row

After the brightness of yesterday it's back to the grey sweater but I have a cunning plan to liven things up. When doing bottom-up sweater knitting I follow the timeless advice of Elizabeth Zimmerman and start a sleeve (or two) to have as a travel knitting project. That way you don't find yourself in the unenviable position of triumphantly finishing the body only to realise that you have two sleeves to slog through before being able to make more progress.

To help my eyes - this grey is really pretty dark - I am marking the sleeve increases with these fun dinosaur bulb pins. It just helps to be able to see where my last increase was and let's face it, they brighten up the grey too.

I have the house to myself for a precious hour this morning so it's eyes down and powering on through to the armhole for this sleeve - wish me luck.