Time out

This weekend we are having a bit of a back to basics theme. We have two young boys, who like all young children everywhere love their tablets and electronic devices. It's all too easy to end up with a situation where they are relied on too heavily though and so, with the arrival of warmer spring weather we have declared that electronic gadgets are not to be used during the day.

Obviously this means that DH and myself need to be aware of our screen time too - hmmm- double edged sword possibly. But it does give me more time for knitting and also for taking the opportunity for some family walks.

This blue bell wood near our village is a favourite at this time of the year and it's such a special treat to just sit and take it all in. The sight and scent of so many beautiful bluebells is really heavenly and it was lovely to be able to share it with the boys today.

It may not excite them in quite the same way as Minecraft but I hope that when they grow up the remember it and do the same with their children.