Just one more row...

Just one more row - is the eternal cry of knitters everywhere. Or in my case - crochet - as this week my crochet blanket square is nearing completion and I'm keen to finish it up and get started on the next one. We are going away at the weekend for a family holiday and the next square in the series will be perfect to take along with me.

In the case of this blanket though it isn't just the 'one more row' which is appealing but also the 'one more colour'. I'm normally a big fan of grey and neutral shades as you well know but I'm really enjoying playing with the pretty seasonal pastels and pinks for this square. I can't decide whether to keep the same colours for the next 3 panels or whether to change them up a bit as we move from spring into early summer. I can't decide yet but I think I will just keep working and see how the colours flow.

One thing I'm not looking forward to is the Weaving In Of All The Ends and part of me is wishing that I had been doing them as I went along. Obviously this now seems like a blindingly good idea but at the beginning, in the full throes of blanket enthusiasm this wasn't something that occurred to be as I gleefully seized on pretty colour after pretty colour.

Thinking ahead to my next square I have been looking at other ways of ends management and I see that some people are big advocates of crocheting over the ends as you go - Lucy of Attic24 has a tutorial on it here. I know that some people also do a version of a magic join but I am a little wary of this as I don't want it to pop open.

If you have any tried and tested ways of avoiding the dreaded Ends please do let me know. And if anyone wants me today I'll be in front of Netflix with a dwindling pack of sweeties and a (hopefully) growing pile of little woolly ends.