Too little time

I’m sure it can’t just be me that seems to suffer from TLT syndrome - or Too Little Time. More specifically too little time to knit what I want. No day feels complete without a little knitting at some point but a series of particularly busy weeks and a lot of domestic upheaval have seen my knitting time drastically curtailed.

Now, the logical response would be to spend the available knitting time that I do have, knuckling down and getting some progress on my current WIPs. Instead, my default response seems to be to spend an inordinate amount of time rootling through my stash in search of beautiful skeins to knit with “when I have the time”. When I’m not doing that I’m browsing Ravelry in search of inspirational projects or surfing indie dyers shop updates for that perfect, elusive OOAK (one of a kind).

So, this week I have given myself a stern talking too and bribed myself with cake. By Friday I will have finished 2 longer term WIPs and will reward myself with a mammoth cast on session in which I will start many gorgeous projects-to-be. So far on my mahoosive cast on list I have:

  1. A new login cabin style blanket

  2. A new sweater using some Illustrious DK I recently bought

  3. Cast on something using the glorious yarn club yarn (pictured above)

  4. Some new socks ....just because...well why not.

Whether any or all of these projects will come to fruition is another matter. But for now, my virtual knitting plans are keeping me sane in a pretty chaotic week.